How our service works

How Our Service Works

Our service is based on the philosophy that growth and change is possible when you receive:

  • Information and insight into your past and situation now
  • Care and understanding in moving to the next step for your future

If you are thinking in terms of what counselling method we focus on we would say we hold principally a Person Centred approach to counselling.

This is a way of working which is based on the importance of the relationship between the counsellor and the client. It offers the client acceptance, non judgement and  empathy or care and is  founded on the principles that are effective and practical.  Person centred counselling focuses on the idea that becoming more aware of how we live our life and maintain our relationships can help us to restore our sense of who we are; what are needs are, and importantly how we can have those needs met in a healthy way.

Person Centred Counselling can help bring clarity to your choices and also to recognise themes that you may carry throughout your life – a bit like that saying “that is the story of my life”. By becoming mindful of that story or those themes we would then look at what is working well; and also what may not work so well.

We would explore negative patterns that may be around for you and help you to work through those patterns.  This process enables you to begin to form new ways of relating to others and yourself.

At the same time however, we would fully accept where you are now, and respect your cultural heritage, values and beliefs and take things at your pace.

By having new understanding and insights you will begin to see how this leads to making new choices and behaviour patterns. This can lead to deeper more connecting and satisfying relationships; clearer direction and a more fulfilling life.

Running alongside this Person Centred approach is our belief that giving information is also an important part of the counselling process. This is based on our experiences and the experience of other counsellors who have found that in their work that passing on information is key in order for change to take place. “Knowledge is power. Gaining an understanding of what has happened and the impact it has on your life and relationships can be healing” (Source: Kathy Hardie-Williams: Counsellor Good Therapy September 2016

This information may come in the form of hand outs, sharing material from books, writing together on flipcharts. Any resource that is helpful to give you more knowledge to equip you in your journey.

What the sessions may contain:

  • We can talk together about what you would like to achieve
  • We may explore what has bought you to this point.
  • We can discuss your feelings and thoughts we can look at your patterns of behaviour
  • We may share information which could be helpful to you.
  • We will review how you feel the sessions are proceeding
  • We can also set tangible goals if you think this could be helpful.
  • We may also target specific areas you want to focus on.

Take a look at our pages on individual counselling, relationship difficulties, being a new mum and singleness and dating or more information on how we may approach a specific  issue.

Other Information that may be helpful to you:

We understand the need for you to trust a counsellor you need to have absolute discretion.
The contents of each session are kept strictly confidential with the following exceptions:

  • As a requirement of supervision (this is required of all counsellors to ensure work maintains high standards) care will be taken to preserve client confidentiality.
  • Where as a client you give consent for the confidence to be broken.
  • Where we feel it is appropriate to consult with, or involve other professionals such as your GP in circumstances where there is a risk of harm to you or to a third party. In such cases we will aim to discuss any action with you first and seek to gain your co-operation.
  • Where in extreme cases we are legally compelled by a court of law.
  • Where statutory law requires us to inform the relevant authorities (such as terrorist activities, drug trafficking or abuse of a child or vulnerable adult).

Does Take Action Counselling accept Difference?
We want to be as inclusive as we can be – our services are available to men and women and and people of all genders whatever their class, nationality, culture or faith or sexuality. At present in the project we do not work with young people who are under eighteen, but if you contact us we will try and sign post you to another service. Also, we also do not knowingly work with people who have or have had sexually offending behaviour, and people with convictions against children.

How will I know if Take Action Counselling is right for me?
We will offer you one initial session. During the session we will talk together about what you would like from your sessions and if this fits in with what we can offer you.  There is no further commitment on either side after this session. Following on from this first meeting you and your counsellor can decide on the next step. Take a look at our “Finding A Counsellor” page for more information and tips about choosing a counsellor. There is also a list of other organisations you may like to make contact on our resources page.

Available upon request.

Please contact us for more details.
Sessions are 50 minutes long.

What is the setting?

What is the setting?
Sessions take place online or via phone across the UK.

What is the First Step?

The first step is to contact us either by email.

We will then email you back and arrange a phone call with you.

This initial phone call chat is free and we will then set up a first meeting or session if appropriate.

The first session will last for 50 minutes. During this time we will be looking at what has bought you to counselling and what you would like from it. If we decide together more sessions would be beneficial these will be regular appointments and at the same time once a week. There will be plenty of time at the initial session for you to ask questions.

Cancellation Policy

You need to let us know as soon as possible if you can’t attend the session otherwise you will have to pay for it even if you do not attend.

Our cancellation policy is:

Cancellations within 48 hours notice:  50% of fee payable

Cancellations within 24 hours notice: 100% of fee payable

Please email with any questions and if you’d like to make an appointment.