Take Actions’s Charity

Take Action Counselling actively fund raises and supports the Not For Profit Project and Community Interest Company Into The Light Counselling and Support For Survivors CIC www.intothelight.org.uk. This is a project founded in 1993 by Rebecca Mitchell to support Survivors of Sexual Abuse and those that support them.

Into The Light exists to provide counselling, support, information and resources to men and women who have been sexually abused and also those that support them including Partners and Mental Health Professionals.

This is done through providing a range of services including one to one counselling, groups, workshops and training. Into The Light also works with other Survivor organisations in order to raise the profile for Survivors and campaign for better and support and more understanding in our communities.

The counselling, courses and workshops have promoted some extremely inspiring and dramatic feedback. Clients have spoken about the release from the isolation and shame they have been carrying for many years. Clients also say they are feeling more positive, hopeful and stronger emotionally than before they attended the courses.

Some very encouraging feedback from clients themselves includes:

“I wish I had met you twenty years ago”

“Before I found Into The Light I did not think healing was possible”

“I am facing problems rather than hiding from them… the course laid the foundations of recovery”

“I found the Into The Light Course highly beneficial”

“I feel a positive difference in myself in many areas since receiving support from you”

On a recent 10 week course for Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse:

  • 100% of our clients said their confidence had improved
  • 100% of our clients said they had benefited from the course
  • 80% of our clients said their self esteem had improved
  • 80% of our clients said their emotional stability had improved

Counselling and support can ease the feelings of  isolation and shame Survivors often feel and help to go forward to have happier and more fulfilled lives and relationships.


What your donation could be used for:

  • £150 would subsidise One Survivor to attend the Into The Light Ten Week Psycho-Education Course for ten weeks.
  • £60 would enable Two Survivors to attend an Into The Light Workshop.
  • £40 would pay for One Survivor to have a single counselling Session.
  • £10 would enable One Survivor to travel to their counselling appointments on several occasions.

Into The Light is a not for profit project. This means any profit made is re-invested into the project to give a better service for our clients and users. Into The Light is a Registered Community Interest Company (Company Number: 8738759) and as such subject to a legal framework for fundraising.
If you would like to make a donation to Into The Light please email us for more information or email info@intothelight.org.uk
Thank you for reading this.


Please email rebecca@takeactioncounselling.co.uk with any questions and if you’d like to make an appointment.