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Being involved romantically with another person can be exhilarating. When you start a new relationship especially, everything can be very exciting. 

The thrill of dating and romance – your first kiss! It can feel euphoric! But after you’ve been together for a while, things tend to change.  The excitement can be replaced by other feelings and they may not all be positive.

Some issues you may be facing in your relationship could include:

  • What attracted you has disappeared
  • Conflicts are escalating
  • Communication is diminishing
  • You are looking for a way out or you think your partner may be

You are now wondering what to do next.

With our counsellor you can together create some space to think and talk about how things are for you and how you would like to progress.  We would spend time considering what drew you to your partner and how your relationship style works – both positively and the challenging aspects as well, to understand what has bought you to this point.

One way to identify where we are now in our relationship is to understand where we came from; and how that experience still impacts us today- whether we are aware of this or not. Even though it may be many years or even decades ago our blue print for relationships often starts by what we observe and how we were treated growing up in our original families.

In your counselling sessions you would with your counsellor take a look at how your family of origin handled some key areas. How you may have embraced or rejected these in your life today and the consequences this has on your relationships with significant people in your life:

These may include:

  • How feelings were expressed
  • What you learned from how your family argued
  • Did you play a particular role in your family eg “the helpful one” or “the funny one”
  • What expectations you lived with growing up

Other areas we may look at during your sessions include:

  • How you resolve conflict in your relationship
  • What drew you together initially
  • Power sharing – who makes the decisions

We would spend time looking at your feelings, values and expectations of your future and where your current relationship fits into this.

Additionally we can also apply many of these principles to friendships; if you would like to explore how to find deeper, more connecting relationships with your friends relationship counselling would be just as relevant as with a partner.

Counselling focused on relationships can help you to:

  • Improve how you communicate with  significant others
  • Help you express your needs in a healthy way
  • Identify areas where you are bringing the past into the present
  • Become more focused on want you want from the relationship
  • Be more open and available in your relationships

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