Single And Dating Course

Eight Week Single And Dating Course from Take Action Counselling
We offer an Eight Week Single And Dating Course that we have been running for several years. Many of the women who have attended the course have fed back they have new insight as a result and have gone on to form healthier relationships with a stronger sense of self.

What is the Course:

The structure of the Take Action Single And Dating Course is topic based and information giving (this is sometimes termed as Psycho-Educational). The course also allows plenty time for sharing experiences and feelings. If you are wondering what the word Psycho-Education means – it sounds complicated but it just means giving information in a supportive therapeutic setting. During the course we focus on different aspects of being single. The positives and negatives. We look at our self image, our relationships, ways out of negative cycles of behaviour attachment styles and more. We also look at tools and ideas for moving forward to gain better relationships, and a healthy empowered life with new hope and goals for the future.

The course is facilitated by a Professional Counsellor and is underpinned with a therapeutic approach. All BACP ethics would apply.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain information and empowerment from relevant topics for Single People
  • Receive support from a trained Counsellor
  • Focus on the topics most relevant to you in your journey
  • Individual attention on your relationships and life today

In The Course We Aim To:

The course would aim to:

  • Have more awareness around our patterns of relating
  • Strengthen the way we relate to ourselves and others
  • Put the past in perspective
  • Develop better relationships with friends and partners

We will do this by:

Giving Information
With information and insight into the effects of our pasts we are better equipped to deal with the impact they have on our lives today and overcome them in our future.

Sharing Experience and Feelings
We aim through experience of being with your counsellor and receiving support that you will be able to relate to people around you in a deeper and more satisfying way.

Course Outline Plan

Session One:
What’s Gone Before
– Where are you now in your life
– What has been your past experiences
– Links between partners
– Healthy use of Dating Apps

Session Two And Three:
How Families Influence Our Relationships
– Healthy Families and Not So Healthy Families
– Roles we play in Families
– Repeating cycles of behaviour
– How families impact our choice

Session Four:
What Do You Want In A Partner
– What’s important to you
– Values you want to share with your partner
– What you can live with – and what you can’t
– Standing firm on what you want

Session Five:
Building Boundaries and Sexual Choices
– Why boundaries are important
– Strong and impaired boundaries
– Sex And Boundaries
– Healthy Sexual choices

Session Six:
Co-Dependency: Can’t Live Without You?
– The roots of co-dependency
– Co-dependent relationships
– Emotional Enmeshment
– Developing healthy relationships

Session Seven:
Stages Of A Relationship and Attachment Styles
– Developing a relationship
– Attachment styles from our childhood
– How attachment impacts relationships
– Working towards healthy attachments

Session Eight:
The Road Ahead: Making Friends With You
– Facing your “inner critic” if you have one
– Developing self compassion
– Learning from the course
– Where to from here

How It Works:

You and your counsellor would discuss topics and spend have time together exploring your thoughts and feelings about relationships, attraction, and the dating process. You may also like to take a look at your past and present relationships, how you interact with others, how you express your feelings and sex and sexuality. We would encourage you to explore your current patterns in relationships and how you might like some change in the future.

Other areas we may look at during your sessions:

  • How your original family may influence your partner choice
  • Boundaries during the dating process
  • Your expectations of a partner

This would give you a clearer idea of what you want from a close relationship, what your values are, what to do when there is conflict, clues that the relationship is going well, the role of your friends in relationships and how you can build a relationship from the first meeting to a place of intimacy.
If you found it helpful you would then form a plan together with your counsellor, for going forward in relationships and dating.

At the end of the course we hope you will:

  • Understand why you may be drawn to certain people
  • Have a stronger sense of yourself and what you bring to dating and relationships
  • Increase your confidence and communication skills
  • Put the past relationships in perspective and consider new relationship styles
  • Be more drawn towards positive and healthy people

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