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The Ten Traits Of A Co-Dependent   Recently updated !

It can be helpful when assessing our relationships to understand what is a healthy relationship and what might not be – one classic example of a relationship that may not be healthy is a co-dependent relationship – take a look and see if you can see if any of these […]

Getting Over A Break Up

When we are getting over a relationship we need to keep it in perspective. Just because this relationship has not worked out doesn’t mean that all future relationships will be the same. Some things to keep in mind are: Accept that not all relationships go the whole way: But that […]

Take Control Of Your Dating Life: Part One Time Is Your Friend

Dating. An explosive world of pain and passion! The incredible highs of meeting someone who is attractive, engaging and seems to be interested – and the dreadful lows of hurtful arguments, unanswered phone calls and perhaps most insulting of all – being ghosted. But, is there any way we can […]